Amelia's moment in time Term 2

The Magic Library

I see a huge library, I go inside and it is really cool in there. I see thousands and thousands of books everywhere. I need a history book and a book of my choice. I start walking to the history section and it is bigger than my bedroom and that is just one section. I find a book that I think is perfect for my assignment. I grab the book and there is a blue button attached to the wall. I push the button because it isn’t red so it should be fine. I step back and then the bookcase opens. I am shocked and surprised. I have never seen something so amazing.

I feel nervous. My hands are sweaty and sticky. My heart is beating super fast. I see a staircase and it spirals up the building. I feel like I should go up there but then I also feel like I should stay here. I decide to go up and I look behind me to see how many steps I had climbed. I had only gone up ten steps and that was nearly halfway. My legs ache. I am huffing and puffing. I see a bright gold light glistening in the sunlight. I start to sprint and I forget all about my legs. I am on the second to top step and that is when I drop my books and land on the top step lying on my back. I am clutching onto my leg in pain. I close my eyes and start moaning and groaning. I open my eyes and I see a boy standing there waiting to help me up. He helps me up and I ask him what is in the room with the gold light coming out of it. He tells me that it is a secret room and I was invited to come in.

I hear the door knob click as he opens the door. He introduces himself his name is Gregorio. I introduce myself and tell him my name is Rosita.  I hear our footsteps as we walk into the room. I look around and I see gadgets and the newest technology. I am so excited. I ask “ who owns all of this stuff?” “ I do, you can have a couple of things if you want. I was wondering if you would like to work with me as an agent?”.
“YES YES YES I would love to.” I cry  with excitement.

I can smell food. But it isn’t just any food, it was the best and the most delicious food in the whole town. I can smell pies, chocolate cake and cookies. I can smell pizza and it was my very favourite, meat lovers. I see the food and there is also a huge red velvet cupcake sitting on the table. I grab a plate and start to cover it with the food. I take a big bite out of the red velvet cupcake and it is delicious.

I can taste the fresh icing melting into my mouth. I can taste the amazing taste of cake and sprinkles. I love cake. The food is the best I’ve ever had in my entire life time so far. I stuff my face. I keep eating and eating until I am full and feel sick. I can believe I am going to be an agent. I can’t wait to start.

Amelia reordering

My goal is to Understand and organise, or order text.
I have learnt to put the story in order and and also to understand and organise text.

My next learning step is to My next goal is consistently read to understand the meaning of texts. This is the one off of the national standards spreadsheets.

Run Bike Run

WALT use poetic verse to recount an event we participated in.

The Run Bike Run event was usual enough; it had the ...
Bikes and helmets, the nervous students, the cones, the bags, and even the supporters of students.
My friends, my classmates and I did what kids do -  
Daphne’s legs were going up and down like the needle on a sewing machine,
My Legs struggled to keep up with the pedals,
People huffed and puffed like the wind,
Butterflies rushed around in people’s stomachs full of nervousness,
Hearts pumped blood around bodies ferociously,
Butterflies disappeared and happiness replaced it
Doing a sigh of relief

Run Bike Run Poetry

WALT use poetic verse to recount an event we participated in.

The Run Bike Run event was usual enough; it had the

The bikes and helmets, the Nervous students , the Cones , the bags , and even The supporters of students.
My friends, my classmates and I did what kids do -  
(6 actions – verb, adjective, noun- about the run bike run)
Daphne’s legs were  going up and down like the needle on a sewing machine
My Legs struggled to keep up with the pedals
People huffed and puffed like the wind
Butterflies rushed  around in people’s stomachs full of nervousness
hearts pumped blood around bodies ferociously
Butterflies disappeared and happiness replaced it
Doing  a sigh  of  relief

my learning goals

]Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
I want to work to my best ability and get the best possible score using my ability.

Read more books and write more stories to learn what I need to do to make it better and get better at it.

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
I would like to achieve my gold certificate this year.

Use the care values and get ticks on my chart.

Multicultural week blogpost

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural week’

WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I did spring origami snowflakes and I learnt how to use chopsticks. I also got henna on my right hand. I also learnt about Israel and Russia.
I learnt that in Russia there is a building that was built from wood and doesn’t have any nails in it and that it has been there for centuries and it hasn’t been damaged or knocked down.

I enjoyed learning about the different cultures in the school. I also enjoyed getting the henna on my hand.

I was most fascinated by the coldest temperature in Russia, it  is -71°. When it is that cold if you have a bucket of water and you chuck the water over the balcony or out of the window it instantly turns into snow.

A question I have is…. How many people are from countries other than New Zealand in the school?


WALT Follow the statistical inquiry cycle and conduct my own investigation


The majority of the year 6 Hub’s most popular sport to play is Soccer/ Football with 22 people.
In second was other with 20 people.

The third most popular was netball with 8 people, then rugby with 6 and the least popular sport was Basketball with 3 people.

CARE values

I know how to show my CARE values in the classroom. I think we have CARE values at Oaklands School because  then the children can earn care ticks for doing good things and so that the children can earn their bronze, silver and gold CARE certificates. I think the most important classroom value is Be aware of others. Here is a picture of me showing that value.

Integrated Learning

WALT describe ideas about school design.
The school idea I am presenting is a silent room.
I am presenting this by making a model.
I think the school should use this idea because It is great for learning space.


For two weeks in a row the Kauri team from years 4-6 have been going swimming at Star fish swim school. I was in lane two. I learnt how to do freestyle stroke with the breathing part and I learnt how to roll to the side to breath. The thing that I found the most challenging was doing the streamline on my back for the whole length. The part of swimming I now know how to do properly and for the whole length is probably my freestyle because I can swim a whole length breathing to the side and I can swim doing the circle with my arms softly so I don't splash.

Reading The BFG

I would use the word smart to describe Sophie. I think Roald Dahl wrote this story because he is trying to say that you don't have to see something to believe it.

Persuasive Writing

We are learning to write persuasively.  Some places I would find persuasive writing are in the newspaper, Online news, Movie/game reviews, in people's speeches and in letters.

Strand Maths

We have learnt how to measure different objects. Three u

Visual Art

Last week I created a collage showing the ocean habitat. The three animals I chose were a Yellow eyed penguin, a Bottle nose dolphin and a Seal. The feature of my art I am most proud of is the bottle nose dolphin I drew.

My Writing Goal

My writing goal is to use different sentence starters more often.
Something I will do to achieve this is to read through the story and see what other words I could use to start the sentences.

Reading Our Class Novel

As a class we read the novel Best Mate by Michael Morpurgo.
The best thing about this book was that Bests Mate got to see Patrick again.
A question I have for the author is what inspired him to write most of his books about animals.
I am feeling excited to start reading the BFG.