Amelia's moment in time Term 2

The Magic Library

I see a huge library, I go inside and it is really cool in there. I see thousands and thousands of books everywhere. I need a history book and a book of my choice. I start walking to the history section and it is bigger than my bedroom and that is just one section. I find a book that I think is perfect for my assignment. I grab the book and there is a blue button attached to the wall. I push the button because it isn’t red so it should be fine. I step back and then the bookcase opens. I am shocked and surprised. I have never seen something so amazing.

I feel nervous. My hands are sweaty and sticky. My heart is beating super fast. I see a staircase and it spirals up the building. I feel like I should go up there but then I also feel like I should stay here. I decide to go up and I look behind me to see how many steps I had climbed. I had only gone up ten steps and that was nearly halfway. My legs ache. I am huffing and puffing. I see a bright gold light glistening in the sunlight. I start to sprint and I forget all about my legs. I am on the second to top step and that is when I drop my books and land on the top step lying on my back. I am clutching onto my leg in pain. I close my eyes and start moaning and groaning. I open my eyes and I see a boy standing there waiting to help me up. He helps me up and I ask him what is in the room with the gold light coming out of it. He tells me that it is a secret room and I was invited to come in.

I hear the door knob click as he opens the door. He introduces himself his name is Gregorio. I introduce myself and tell him my name is Rosita.  I hear our footsteps as we walk into the room. I look around and I see gadgets and the newest technology. I am so excited. I ask “ who owns all of this stuff?” “ I do, you can have a couple of things if you want. I was wondering if you would like to work with me as an agent?”.
“YES YES YES I would love to.” I cry  with excitement.

I can smell food. But it isn’t just any food, it was the best and the most delicious food in the whole town. I can smell pies, chocolate cake and cookies. I can smell pizza and it was my very favourite, meat lovers. I see the food and there is also a huge red velvet cupcake sitting on the table. I grab a plate and start to cover it with the food. I take a big bite out of the red velvet cupcake and it is delicious.

I can taste the fresh icing melting into my mouth. I can taste the amazing taste of cake and sprinkles. I love cake. The food is the best I’ve ever had in my entire life time so far. I stuff my face. I keep eating and eating until I am full and feel sick. I can believe I am going to be an agent. I can’t wait to start.

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