the trip to arion farm park

In term 3 all 3 of the year 4 classes went to Arion farm park together. We had to be at school early before 8:30 so that we wouldn't miss the bus.  After Miss B was finished marking the roll we lined up outside in 2 straight lines. We walked into the hall foyer while we waited for the buses to come. There are about 90 year 4 students all together. There are so many of us that 2 buses had to come to take us to Arion farm park.  Finally the bus arrived. All of the year 4's were loaded on with some parents and at least 1 teacher on each bus. We could sit next to anyone on the bus. I sat next to Liam on the way there and back. Once we were  seated on the bus we started the journey to the farm park.

After the bus driver had parked next to the other bus we got out. We all sat down in a big group. Suzie and the farm park helpers came over and told us about the farm park. Suzie is the manager of the farm. Once we had been told all of the information we needed to know one of the teachers read out everyones names so that we knew which parents group we were in. Suzie and the Arion Farmpark helpers walked around with us. there was at least 1 Arion Farm helper walked with 1 of the groups.

I was in Teri's Dad's group with Teri, Devo and Liam.

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