Feeding the chooks

Every three weeks four room 8 students go out in the morning to feed the  chickens. We only have four chickens. In terms 1 and 2 it was only two people that went to feed the chickens. we get to choose who we want to feed the chickens with. Hannah chose me to feed the chickens with her. But now we have more chickens. We couldn't keep all of the new chickens because some of them were males. So now we only have four chickens left. Mr Rush and Mr Mcaven found two chickens wondering around in the school grounds so they put them into the chicken coop. Mr Mcaven and Mr rush are still trying to find the owners of the chickens. Miss B decided to have four people go out to feed the chickens because it was taking us too long when there was only two of us out there. I am in a group with Teri, Devon, Liam and of course there is Me. I think that it is  a lot easier having the four of us out there and it is a lot faster.

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